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About Satpura
Jungles of Satpura are one of the oldest reserve forest of India and this Jungle is a vast tranquil protected area within the Satpura Mountain range of Central Indian Landscape; mostly unadulterated from human influence. This unique area is part of first Biosphere reserve of Madhya Pradesh and is endowed with one of the richest biodiversity in Central India, which includes rich floral, faunal and cultural attributes.

Satpura, derived from Sanskrit means  "Seven Folds" or “Seven hills”, forms a watershed between the Narmada and Tapti Rivers which is triangular in shape having a unique combination found only here that Sal forests exist on plateau part with the lower plain area having Teak forests. It is also interesting that some species, which are not common elsewhere in Madhya Pradesh are found here.

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Satpura Tiger Reserve

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Satpura Tiger Reserve, Narmadapuram, Madhya Pradesh

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